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William D. Goren provides consulting, counseling, and training services involving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

From June 2007-June 2012 ADA employment discrimination suits (title I) almost doubled. That figure doesn’t even include suits against governmental entities and places of public accommodations with respect to access issues. The attorney who blogs at Ohio Employer’s has said that to take an employment discrimination suit the trial will cost the defendant anywhere between $175-$250,000. Since proof in title II and/or Rehabilitation Act and title III matters can be every bit as complicated as in a title I/ Rehabilitation Act matter, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for a similar figure to be true with respect to title II and title III matters. Also, the EEOC reports that in FY 2012, they recovered a total of 5.4 million dollars in recoveries for ADA claimants. In many instances, these organizations didn’t even realize that they weren’t compliant with the law.

The cost is staggering not only with respect to the bottom line but in terms of opportunity costs. Just think about the amount of time that could have been spent on pursuing organizational objectives instead of preparing a legal defense and tying up your personnel in litigation.

For more information on who is a person with a disability, click here.

How Can I Help You?

My goal is to help organizations develop preventative systems through counseling, consulting, and training services to ensure compliance with ADA. A wide range of clients are in need of my services including but not limited to:

In instances where litigation is in process, I can help with:

  • Independent case evaluation
  • Mediation/Arbitration
  • Consulting witness and expert witness services
  • Consulting on litigation (trial or appeal), matters

In instances where litigation has settled, I can help with providing the ADA training frequently required as part of settling ADA lawsuits.

Why William Goren?

There are other firms providing ADA consulting but I’m confident that I bring a breadth and depth of experience with the ADA (professional, academic, and personal) that would be extremely difficult to find in one package. Click here to read more.


To learn more, contact me to see how I can be of help.


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